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Mealworm Magic Shampoo

Our Mealworm Magic Shampoo is no ordinary product. It not only cleanses but enchants your senses with a delightful, cornfield-inspired fragrance. But here's the magic behind the scent - studies show that a natural, aromatic shampoo enhances user satisfaction by 86%

Why use mealworms?

Mealworms are known agricultural pests, causing harm by devouring stored grains and cereals. Their voracious appetite and ability to infest food storage areas pose
significant threats to agricultural products, leading to economic losses and food contamination. Controlling mealworm populations is crucial for preserving crops and safeguarding food supplies.

Organic and Chemical less 

Regenify stands by an organic, chemical-free philosophy. Consumer data reveals that 78% of buyers seek organic hair care products, a number that  continues to rise year after year. Our shampoo aligns perfectly with this trend.