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Why should you consider our Mealworm Magic Shampoo?

vitamin-enriched hair products have been found to reduce hair loss by up to 46% and boost hair thickness by 71%.

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What's the secret behind our Magic Shampoo?

Vitamin deficiencies have been linked to premature greying. Our shampoo is the solution.

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Where does our magical Mealworms come from?

Mealworms simplicity and sustainability make them the perfect allies. Studies show that insect farming is 12 times more resource efficient than traditional livestock farming.

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What's the market for this product?

The market for organic personal care products is on a meteoric rise. Statista
reports that the organic personal care market is projected to grow by 11%

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Let our solution let you relive your prime days
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Revitalising the your hairs natural beauty 
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Let the natural ingredients within solution regrow your hair
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